Investment Management

With over 10,000 mutual funds and stocks, and over 2,000 ETFs available in the market, there is an enormous number of investment options to choose from.

Staying current on market and economic trends, determining a suitable asset allocation, selecting appropriate investments, monitoring investment performance and periodically rebalancing asset allocation, all take a tremendous amount of time and skill. We work with you to determine your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance.  We help you put in place an investment policy statement based on a well-diversified asset allocation strategy with a disciplined, long-term view.  On an ongoing basis, we screen the tens-of-thousands of investments to identify a select group of securities for client portfolios. 

We monitor your investments regularly to ensure your target asset allocation stays in place, rebalancing as needed. 

We employ a disciplined, long-term strategy that steers clear of emotional reactions to market volatility.  All too often, the natural emotional tendency to react short-term can lead to poor investment decisions and poor investment performance.  Investing based on how you feel about the market can lead to selling when the market is low, not participating in a rising market, and buying back into the market after the market has already run higher.  Clients rely on us to remain disciplined in all markets so their natural emotional tendencies don’t lead to poor decisions, under performance and falling short of financial goals and potential.

What Is Investment Risk?

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